Today I met an awesome person named Linda Nguyen. She is currently a second year and majoring in biology. She plans to go into the medical field and wants to be a physician assistant in the future. When she was younger, she dreamed to be a pediatrician. However, she changed her mind once she heard that she had to be in school for an extra ten plus years. Her favorite things to do in her free time is to watch Netflix and go hiking on the weekends with her friends. She is lactose intolerant but still enjoys to eat creamy pasta even if she feels unwell. Besides eating some pasta, she enjoys eating Korean BBQ and a Vietnamese food called Banh Xeo. Linda believes that art is important since there would be no beauty or color in the world without it. She said that engineers and architects would not be able to build incredible and beautiful buildings, that are so popular that they are often known as landmarks in some cities, without the existence of art. To her, art is used to show emotions as the person seeing the art is hit with the impact of the moment in the illustration or art piece.

Here is a link to her blog!!! :