When I heard about this activity at first, I thought it was different and interesting. I actually struggled to think of creative ideas. My initial idea was a dark area with a lamp post as the only light source. Unfortunately, the lamp post was only there as decoration and couldn’t be lit at all. As I looked around my backyard, I noticed numbers that looked like a date on the ground. I decided to use that and pretend to have been killed by someone. The killer then leaves a date behind as their M.O. of some sort. I guess I watch too much Criminal Mind because as soon as I saw this, it reminded me of one of the episodes that I watched. I think that the hardest part was taking the picture itself. I had my mom help me take this picture, but she couldn’t get the right image I was going for. After around fifty pictures, I decided to just go with this one since it seemed the best among the other photos. Overall, this activity was interesting and incredibly creepy at the same time. Just thinking about my own demise gives me goosebumps. What creeps me out even more is that I took a picture of myself in how I imagined I would die. I seriously hope this doesn’t foreshadow anything in the future.
20160904_210134 (1).jpg