I met a new friend today named Demi Kong. She is from Long Beach and went to Bellflower High School. After talking with her, I found out that we had had some things in common. She is a second year and is currently undeclared. Although she is undeclared, she already plans to go into health care administration. Some awesome things that I found out about her is that she is a cheerleader for club sports and loves listening to Japanese Pop. She also enjoys watching anime and her current favorite anime is Re:Zero. It was really fun to talk with her on this topic since I also happened to be a fan of anime. Her current favorite Japanese drama is called Tumbling. It was cool to find out that she also likes watching superhero movies the most. She cannot go without her coffee in the morning. Demi’s favorite color is dusty rose pink. She is the first person I have ever heard to answer this question with such a specific answer. Rather than dessert, she would rather have fruits than anything else. Her favorite animal is the beautiful and friendly dolphin!! It was so cool to get the chance to meet and get to know Demi!

Here is her awesome blog!! : demikong.wordpress.com