Exhibition Information :

Artist: Alvaro Fall

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Painting, Video, Music, Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: In progress

Instagram: None

Email: arturo830@gmail.com

About the Artist:

Alvaro Fall is a student in the School of Arts’s Sculpture / 4D program. Alvaro was born in Guatemala and came to the United States at the age of 8. He has always had an interest in drawing and sketching. He went to Long Beach City College and transferred to CSULB. He is currently in his second year at CSULB. A friend of his told him to get out and show the world his artwork. In the future, he aspires to become an art teacher and share his passion for art with his students. He draws inspiration from everything around him.

Formal Analysis:


The media he used were sculpture, paining, video, and music. Beethoven Overture Fidelio is used as the audio in the background. In the video, it shows the process of him making his art piece. As the video goes on, I can see that every movement he does moves along with the music in the background. He is reacting to the music with his body covered in paint. The black canvas on the floor is covered in paint as if there was an explosion of different colors. This explosion really emphasizes his body’s reaction as it flows along with the music.

Content Analysis:

Alvaro was trying to show the response he had to the music with his body. He stated that as he was responding to the music, he was searching for new experiences and language through his body. As I talked to him, he said that drawing is a response to something. He believed that everything we do is a response and a search for something new. Besides the black canvas, there was also a white canvas with no paint on it. He said that it was to catch the eye of the person observing. He wanted people to notice it and respond to it. He also wanted to give people the opportunity to ask him about it.


Synthesis / My Experience:

As I walked into the gallery, the first thing that piqued my interest was the video. I really like how he was showing the process of him making his art piece. As I listened to him talk, he strongly stated that he was not dancing in the video, but reacting and flowing to the music. It is most definitely eye-catching since there were so much color going on in his piece. I also felt like the music went really well with the piece too.