Exhibition Information :

Artists: Carly Lake and May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Acrylics, Digital, Sculpture

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Website: Carly – carlylake.com

May – None

Instagram: Carly – sea.lake

May – maypta

Email: Carly – none

May – maypta18@gmail.com

About the Artists:

Carly Lake and May Ta are currently both seniors at CSULB. They are both students in the School of Art’s Illustration Program and are working towards their BFA. They will be graduating at the end of this year. This is their first time doing an exhibition and are hoping to continue using the same art styles in the future. This is also Carly’s first time dabbling in sculpturing. An interesting and funny thing that they said was that they love starting their project but hate finishing them.

Formal Analysis: 

The medias that they used were acrylic, digital, and sculpture. For one of the paintings, I could see the bumps and such on the painting which brought the painting to life. It really seemed like there was a body of water flowing in the painting. In most of the paintings, I could see the use of more darker and dull colors. Using these colors really brought out my emotions of sadness and loneliness as I looked at the painting.

20160914_132129 (1).jpg20160914_132316.jpg

Content Analysis: 

The theme of their exhibition is about the longing for human intimacy and about loneliness. The work is to show others the balance between intimacy with others and with ourselves. One of the artworks called The Windows was done by May which also happens to be her favorite shows the lives of strangers behind the curtain. The pictures are put into a window like frame which gives the artwork a real life element. When people are looking at this artwork, it will feel like they are entering into someone’s private space. Another art piece called Clonal Realm is done by Carly which also happens to be her favorite is inspired by a TedTalk she watched about the world’s oldest living things. The TedTalk talked about a King Clone that grows and forms into a ring but is ultimately one organism. As Carly was making this art piece, she wanted to show people the desire for intimacy and companionship.


Synthesis / My Experience: 

I really enjoyed this art gallery. What really caught my eye was the art piece made by Carly called Beings. I found these really adorable and would have definitely bought them if I saw them on sale. I also really liked May’s artwork named The Windows. Its concept was very creative especially the window like frames. The exhibition really gave me a feel of loneliness and sadness. Although it gave me such feelings, I felt that the artworks done by Carly and May were really beautiful and definitely passed on the message that they wanted to send to their audience.