When I first heard of this activity, it seemed pretty interesting and fun. I was thinking about doing this with my friend who was coming over, but she had to go to work last minute unfortunately. My mom had just come home work when I asked her to do this activity with me. She seemed kind of tired so I hesitantly asked her if she wanted to join me. Surprisingly, she happily agreed. As I sat down with my mom to begin drawing, it was hard for both of us to not actually think about drawing it. It was a little awkward too even though it was my mom. However, as we started to move, I could feel the awkwardness start to go away. I can tell that both my mom and I start to relax. Although it was ideal to do this activity in a quiet setting, my mom and I just talked. We talked about what has been happening in our lives lately. We talked about what has been stressing us out recently. After we decided that the drawing was good enough, I felt like we had an even closer connection now. To be honest, I have not sat down and talked to my mom in a while. It was nice to get the chance to sit down and have a nice talk with my mom. I actually liked how my drawing turned out. I really like the pastel colors I had and thought they went really well with each other. I would love to do this again. Maybe I will do this activity with my dad next time.