This was a really fun activity since it was my first time messing around with spray paints! It is too bad that I only had a medium sized cardboard the draw on… It would have been more cooler if I had many more other colors. What was really funny about doing this was that I took the longest time trying to tape this cardboard onto the wall. I only had masking tape around my house so I had to use it. Every time I taped one side, the other would fall off which would then cause the whole cardboard to fall down. While I was writing my name, I noticed I messed up a bit and wanted to start all over. However, I messed around with it a little more and it came out a little better than before. I wanted to actually write my full Chinese name with my English name, but I knew it just will not fit at all. Overall, this activity was fun! I would definitely want to do it again since I still have the spray cans. Maybe I will let me younger cousins try them out!