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It was so fun making this flip book! As I was making it, I had just watched a documentary on jellyfishes. The jellyfishes in the documentary were so bright and elegant. That’s why I decided to make my flip book about jellyfishes. It was hard to come up with a story, but I came up with a short and sort of cute one about a jellyfish who wants to be beautiful and bright like the other jellyfishes. The hardest and tedious part was actually drawing everything. I would say this flip book took me around two hours to do. Maybe it took so long because I went ahead and colored it too. The picture I posted with this summarizes the whole story; there are a bunch more pages that I didn’t include. I really liked how my flip book turned out. If I were to change anything, I would have probably added a few more scenes to make the overall story a little better. Hope to definitely try it again on day!