Exhibition Information : 

Artist: Brianna Meli

Exhibition: Over_Realmed

Media: Video, Fiber

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Instagram: melt_brianna

About the Artist : 

Brianna Meli is a senior at CSULB and is currently an undergraduate. She has been at CSULB since 2012 doing illustrations, but took a break off college to start a business with a friend. She is a student in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts Program  and is working towards her BFA. She strongly believes that close relationships can only develop through face-to-face interactions with people. She also feels that people are too reliant on technology and need to learn how to be more independent and look for things themselves.

Formal Analysis : 

The medias that were used are video and fiber. I could see how Brianna carefully integrated in technology into her artwork. I could see the wires and chargers in her artwork as if showing how technology is part of her life. The videos also showed how easily she could access technology and how fast it is for her to get distracted from what she is doing.

20161005_135003.jpg 20161005_134958.jpg

Content Analysis : 

In her exhibition, she showed two videos; one on opposite ends of the room. One video showed her knitting something and another showed her on her phone. As the video progressed, I noticed that what she was knitting together was not yarn but wires, chargers, earbuds and many other electronic things. Brianna is trying to show us how much technology especially our cell phones have taken over every aspect of our lives. Brianna finds herself conflicted between her online self and her physical self. Through her exhibition, she wants to somehow find that balance in between without throwing away the other.



Synthesis / My Experience : 

As I read her statement and walked through her exhibition, I realized how much technology has influenced my life and my identity. The internet is practically my life since I am always on my phone or online doing something. It got me realizing that I am not doing anything productive in my life. Brianna’s exhibition showed me to be more awareness is important. By noticing and understanding, I can make some changes in my life. Instead of staying on my phone all the time, I could make some close and meaningful connections with other people. Overall, this exhibition didn’t have a lot to show, but it had a clear and defined message to go with it.