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The new classmate that I got to meet today is Briana Garcia. She happens to also be a second year and is a health science major. She plans to go to medical school to become a pediatrician because she loves to work with children. She also wants to work at a daycare in her free time just to work with kids. Not only is she academically amazing, she is also very athletic. She loves to play basketball in her free time and would always go to the park to play on the weekends. Working out her body and doing something she loves is a good stress reliever for her. Another hobby of her that she is passionate about is photography. She is also a major Disneyland lover and always renews her year pass every year. The thing I felt most common with her was when she mentioned that she loved watching the shows Criminal Minds and Bones on Netflix. These two are also my top favorites of all time. I don’t know how we got into the topic of favorite holidays, but as we talked, I found out her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She said she loves how she gets to eat a lot of good food.She also mentioned that she has two Thanksgiving parties for both sides of her relatives. She’s so lucky! I wish I could get two Thanksgiving parties! The more food, the better! It was really nice to get to meet Briana and get to sit down and talk with her.

Check out her amazing blog!!~