It was really relaxing to sketch at the Japanese Garden. Surprisingly, it was pretty quiet and calming while everyone was sketching. I was expecting some loud chattering since so many people were there. It was also my first time going to the Japanese Garden and it was really beautiful. I really liked the tree that has its long leaves hanging down as if it was hair. I am not sure if it’s called a willow tree or not, but it kind of looks like one. That tree caught my eye the most. It also kind of looks like an umbrella in a way. Although I could not draw really well, I still thought my drawing at least depicting what I was trying to draw. While making my sketches, it was really hard for me to avoid erasing since I’m kind of a perfectionist. I also noticed that my sketches look a lot nicer without erasing constantly. Overall, this activity was fun and relaxing. I would definitely want to do this again; maybe this time at a park.20161015_101231.jpg