I am sending this package to a friend I have known since middle school. Making the ACP was surprisingly easy for me since I have already kept many things that remind me of the wonderful memories of the past. Most of them were documented in photographs, but some were presents and beautiful cards and gifts even to me. If was so much fun making this package since I went through all the stuff I kept that reminded me of my close friend. I had loads of other stuff that I wanted to include in my ACP package, but I could not find a lot of my other boxes filled with memories. I still remember my friend and I in the freshmen year of high school and how nerve wrecking it was. We took a picture of ourselves on the first day of high school and the last day of high school. Another thing I remembered was our obsession with KPOP during the high school. We went to our first concerts together and even got the opportunity to go to the first ever KCON. I still kept the beautiful and cute birthday card she got me that came with a watch that looked absolutely amazing. The memories we had together were amazing and could never be forgotten. I can’t wait until she sees this package!!!



Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you are sharing a little part of your life with others. It is like a documentation of fun memories with family and friends. Sending someone an ACP is different to sending someone a Snapchat because sending a Snapchat isn’t something physical compared to an ACP. An ACP is a physical package filled with pictures and special objects that remind people of the great of certain things. I think of ephemera as something really precious to me. I have a habit of keeping a lot of little things that remind me of great memories such as keeping a movie ticket or plane ticket to somewhere. There is definitely a difference between art seen by a few and art seen by many. Art seen by many are made for everyone to show and not just one person. Art seen by few are more personal compared and is more towards an individual. The time it takes to send someone something is definitely something to consider. I feel like the longer it takes to send, the more personal it feels. An ACP is something that can be there forever while sending something through Snapchat lasts for only  few seconds. An ACP contains a more genuine “love” compared to Snapchat. ACP shows that the person who sent it cares and put in a lot of effort to make it while a Snapchat can be something that was done last minute without thinking too much about the other person.