Exhibition Information:

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photographs, String, Lighting

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Dalia – none

Daniel – dbvphotography.com

Instagram: Dalia – deliaeffect

Daniel – dbvqp

About the Artists: 

Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla are both in their senior year as undergraduates at CSULB. They are both students in the School of Art’s Studio Art Program and are working toward their BFA. They are both close friends with similar interests. They love photography and hope to get into the BFA photography program. Unfortunately, they have both received rejection letters after applying for the BFA program. However, that didn’t stop them from trying. Their exhibition embodies their emotions of facing rejection and failure.

Formal Analysis:

The medias that were used were photographs, string, and lighting. The lighting really brought out the mood that both Dalia and Daniel wanted in their exhibition. It gave off a very solemn and sad mood. They wanted their exhibition to feel like a memorial of some sort. Some photographs in the room were purposely placed as if they were going to fall off the wall as if to show the rejection and failure they faced.

20161019_131315.jpg 20161019_131323.jpg

Content Analysis:

In their exhibition, both Dalia and Daniel brought all their rejected artwork from professors and their applications to the BFA photography program. They wanted to interpret the gallery space from a glorified place filled with achievements to a place filled with broken dreams and no hope. They wanted the audience to understand and really feel their emotions through their exhibition. They wanted to show how frustrated the felt for facing rejection more than once. Their emotions brought out an interesting and unique exhibition. I also noticed that everything was tied together by a long string. It shows that everything will fall apart if someone happens to cut the string which symbolizes how much frustration they must have felt. They even incorporated two bodies as themselves into their exhibition.

20161019_125605 (1).jpg

Synthesis / My Experience: 

As I walked into this exhibition, the first thing I saw was strings. I would trace the strings to see where they lead to; only to find out everything is connected. After finding out that their exhibition was to express their frustration and sadness for being rejected from the BFA photography program, it made me think about some failures I have faced. It made me notice the small things projected in the exhibition such as the two bodies and the trashcan. Overall, I thought this exhibition had an interesting idea compared to other exhibitions. I really liked how the strings brought everything together which made the point of their exhibition really clear.

20161019_131259.jpg 20161019_125500.jpg