When I think of Social network, I think of it as applying to my real life and real physical friends. Dunbar’s Number definitely makes sense to me because I think it is hard for everybody to develop a deep and close connection with everyone they meet or know. For the truly meaningful relationships, they are the ones that are closest to you. To have 1,000 or 2,000 or even 5,000 Facebook “friends” means that you know 1,000 or 2,00 or even 5,000 friends. It doesn’t mean that you know them on a personal level. Some maybe people you know and talk to and some could be people who you have known and never talked to. They are people that I have seen around school and know to exist. When I visualized my Art 110 Social Network, nothing really surprised me. I noticed that some connections that I had were with people I didn’t know too well. The connections I made were with people I did classmate conversations with. However, I made one close connection with one of my classmates since we got along really well. I would prefer to have close relationships with about 10 people. I definitely have more “friends” on Facebook than close friends. My relationship with some of these “extra friends” or sort of nonexistent in a way. We don’t message each other or even attempt to communicate with each other. These weak ties have brought me some info about new sales going on or notifying me of important dates at school.