Exhibition Information:

Artist: Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine – Cultural Identity / Art / Fashion

Media: Clothing

Website: none

Instagram: none

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daniela.ionescu.5

About the Artists:

Daniela Ionescu is a graduate at CSULB and is a Art History major. She is working towards her MA in Art History. She was born and raised in Romania and wanted to introduce her culture to many people in her exhibition. For her exhibition, she has personally brought out some of her collection of expensive and beautiful Romanian clothing. She has personally traveled around Romania in search of these authentic traditional Romanian clothing. In the future, she hopes to be able to work at LACMA Textiles or maybe a Romanian museum.

Formal Analysis:

In each clothing, beautiful and intricate patterns are hand sewn. Some clothing are made with silk and looks incredibly fragile. The different colors on the clothing complement each other so well and pulls the outfit together. It really defines Romanian culture and tells a story of how they lived back then.

20161026_125423.jpg 20161026_125516.jpg

Content Analysis:

In each clothing, there is an intricate design sewn on that has a story behind it. In the sleeves of the red blouse, each section sewn on the sleeve represents the sky, earth, and river. At the end of the sleeve, the motifs protect the wearer from evil spirits. When interviewing Daniela, she says that each clothing had an overall theme that everything in the world connects as in the earth and sky. It shows the close connection and appreciation with the people and nature. Every clothing has a signature of the person who made the outfit as seen from the dress shown. On the left shoulder, there is a small section that looks completely different from the rest. Instead of the black and white theme, there is some pink and blue to it. Most of these signatures are hidden and are not so easily seen as this piece. Daniela claims that having no symmetry on the clothing is a good thing because it implies that symmetry is the idea of being equal to God.



Synthesis / My Experience: 

This is my favorite exhibition so far. I really like the beautiful designs on each clothing and how they tell a story behind it. What was really interesting is that you can tell how old the women was when she made the clothing. If the blouse has red colors on it, it means that it was made by a young woman. Each hand embroidered symbol represents the identity of the weaver. I have also noticed how some of these designs have been incorporated into modern day clothing. Overall, being able to see these different traditional Romanian clothing was exciting and unique. My favorite piece would have to be the dress below.

20161026_125352.jpg 20161026_125406.jpg