I got the great opportunity to meet Shalane Holm!! She is a Studio Art major and is currently a fourth year at CSULB. In the future, she hopes to become an elementary school teacher and teach the kids about art! She loves to do arts and crafts in her free time. I also found out that she loves dogs like me. She has three Labradors. She also likes cats, but unfortunately, she is allergic to them. Her favorite food is Mediterranean food and she also loves to eat pie as a dessert. She currently works at a bakery and is a manager there. An amazing thing I found out about her is it that is about to get married!!! Congratulations Shalane!!

Shalane believes that fan art is something that shows sincerity and love. She said that if someone drew fanart about a certain person, it means that they admire them and love them. That person took their time to sit down and draw an amazing piece about that person.