This is actually my first time on Instagram. It’s actually pretty fun to use with all those filters and such. My day probably seemed a little boring, but these pictures are literally what my day was like on that day. I wish I could have token some pictures with my friends and shared it on the hashtag. The picture of my dog and I took so long to take. I probably took over 50 pictures. My dog was just too excited and was so eager to play and go outside. It was so funny how he won’t just look forward. He just kept on turning his head and looking the other way. He frustrated me a lot, but I still love him!! It just so happens that my grandma actually came back on that day and brought home so many souvenirs from Laos. She told me about how fun her reunion was with her old friends from school. What surprised me the most was that she hasn’t seen any of them for about 50 years!!