This activity was fun as I just played around with the different colors of paint. In my art kit, it came with 3 different colors of paint: pink, green and white. I really liked how the colors came together in the end. This art activity felt really easy to do in that it gave a lot of freedom as I just went with the flow as I did it. It felt very liberating in that I got to do whatever I wanted to with the paper. It was a good way for me to not think about my upcoming finals and just relax and have fun. I just sit down and had the music on while I finger painted away. This activity was pretty similar to our other activity, Graffiti Writing, because this was something we both had freedom to choose how we wanted it to be. However, it was also different in that the graffiti writing activity had a specific thing to do with it such as writing our names with spray paint. I would definitely do this again in my free time as a form of relaxation!!