Exhibition Information: 

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: CSULB Art Sale: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Website: none

Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist:

Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB. She is in the School of Art’s Ceramics program and is working towards her BFA in Ceramics. She has always loved sculpting and making things. When she was younger, she would always play with Play-Doh. She says she got her inspiration from fairy tales. She hopes to be able to work for PIXAR in the future. She loves to make cakes in her free time.

Formal Analysis:

Her art pieces all consists mainly of a black or brown background color on the pot. Then a beautiful and intricate floral design on top of it. There were even some parts that were sticking out of the pot as if it was a real flower.

Content Analysis:


Amy took her love for cake decorating into her art pieces. She actually used cake decorating pipes to make her beautiful designs. She made her paint so that it would have a frosting like consistency to be able to get the design she has on her pieces.


On her sculpture pieces, she made sculptures that told a story. In the sculpture above, Amy took inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood. She took her love for fairy tales into her pieces as well.

She had a section for her beautifully decorated vases and a section for her cute sculptures.

Synthesis / My Experience:

I really liked her concept of putting fairy tales into her sculptures. They looked absolutely adorable and interesting. Amy actually had sets of them which actually came together and told a story. I really loved that part of her exhibition. I wish I could go back and actually buy the set to decorate my room. Some actually go really well with the holidays coming up and also make a really cute present to give. If Amy actually made smaller vases, I could buy one and put my succulents in it.