Three Favorite Activities:

  1. Plaster Casting
  2. Fiber Art Social Network
  3. Instagram

Three Least Favorite Activities:

  1. Zines and Flip Books
  2. Art Care Package
  3. VLOGS

The 3 favorite activities were really fun and creative. Plaster Casting was something I have never done and probably would not have if I did not join this class. The Fiber Art Social Network turned into something really cool and pretty as it all came together. Instagram was another first for me and I have come to actually enjoy it.

The 3 least favorite activities of mine were sort of enjoyable but sort of stressing in a way. The main ones that made me feel this way would be the flip books and the VLOGS!! The flip books would probably be just me since I tried really hard on it, but the vlogs made me pretty uncomfortable. It was a good experience, but I definitely would not want to try it again.

Thoughts about the class:

I really like the thought of a hybrid class. I like how we can also meet once a week and get to know each other rather than spending all that time online like in an online class. Getting to make my own website and start a blog was a good experience for me and I am actually considering continuing this blog for other purposes. Going to the gallery and doing artist conversations are pretty fun. I enjoy going to them and getting to see amazing art pieces and really getting to know the meaning behind the artist’s art or exhibition. Doing the classmate conversations is a cool way to engage and meet with new people. It’s fun to get to meet and find out similar things about each other. I was able to meet some really cool people. I think these weekly blog posts are definitely needed in this class. It is a good way of keeping up with the class and seeing other people’s work too. Having an ePortfolio does seem like a really good idea considering how much technology is used in our lives. I enjoy using WordPress since it is so easy to use. The discussion we have for Art Talk is good. I learn more about art through it and how much it has really impacted society from even long time ago.

Overall, this art class was unexpectedly engaging and fun. I came into this class thinking that it was going to be kind of boring with endless drawings considering my past experience in taking an intro to art class in high school. I definitely thought wrong!! I have already recommended this class to a couple of my friends and they seem pretty excited to start this class to.