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Wk 10 – Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network


When I think of Social network, I think of it as applying to my real life and real physical friends. Dunbar’s Number definitely makes sense to me because I think it is hard for everybody to develop a deep and close connection with everyone they meet or know. For the truly meaningful relationships, they are the ones that are closest to you. To have 1,000 or 2,000 or even 5,000 Facebook “friends” means that you know 1,000 or 2,00 or even 5,000 friends. It doesn’t mean that you know them on a personal level. Some maybe people you know and talk to and some could be people who you have known and never talked to. They are people that I have seen around school and know to exist. When I visualized my Art 110 Social Network, nothing really surprised me. I noticed that some connections that I had were with people I didn’t know too well. The connections I made were with people I did classmate conversations with. However, I made one close connection with one of my classmates since we got along really well. I would prefer to have close relationships with about 10 people. I definitely have more “friends” on Facebook than close friends. My relationship with some of these “extra friends” or sort of nonexistent in a way. We don’t message each other or even attempt to communicate with each other. These weak ties have brought me some info about new sales going on or notifying me of important dates at school.


Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine – Cultural Identity / Art / Fashion

Media: Clothing

Website: none

Instagram: none


About the Artists:

Daniela Ionescu is a graduate at CSULB and is a Art History major. She is working towards her MA in Art History. She was born and raised in Romania and wanted to introduce her culture to many people in her exhibition. For her exhibition, she has personally brought out some of her collection of expensive and beautiful Romanian clothing. She has personally traveled around Romania in search of these authentic traditional Romanian clothing. In the future, she hopes to be able to work at LACMA Textiles or maybe a Romanian museum.

Formal Analysis:

In each clothing, beautiful and intricate patterns are hand sewn. Some clothing are made with silk and looks incredibly fragile. The different colors on the clothing complement each other so well and pulls the outfit together. It really defines Romanian culture and tells a story of how they lived back then.

20161026_125423.jpg 20161026_125516.jpg

Content Analysis:

In each clothing, there is an intricate design sewn on that has a story behind it. In the sleeves of the red blouse, each section sewn on the sleeve represents the sky, earth, and river. At the end of the sleeve, the motifs protect the wearer from evil spirits. When interviewing Daniela, she says that each clothing had an overall theme that everything in the world connects as in the earth and sky. It shows the close connection and appreciation with the people and nature. Every clothing has a signature of the person who made the outfit as seen from the dress shown. On the left shoulder, there is a small section that looks completely different from the rest. Instead of the black and white theme, there is some pink and blue to it. Most of these signatures are hidden and are not so easily seen as this piece. Daniela claims that having no symmetry on the clothing is a good thing because it implies that symmetry is the idea of being equal to God.



Synthesis / My Experience: 

This is my favorite exhibition so far. I really like the beautiful designs on each clothing and how they tell a story behind it. What was really interesting is that you can tell how old the women was when she made the clothing. If the blouse has red colors on it, it means that it was made by a young woman. Each hand embroidered symbol represents the identity of the weaver. I have also noticed how some of these designs have been incorporated into modern day clothing. Overall, being able to see these different traditional Romanian clothing was exciting and unique. My favorite piece would have to be the dress below.

20161026_125352.jpg 20161026_125406.jpg


Wk 9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package (ACP)


I am sending this package to a friend I have known since middle school. Making the ACP was surprisingly easy for me since I have already kept many things that remind me of the wonderful memories of the past. Most of them were documented in photographs, but some were presents and beautiful cards and gifts even to me. If was so much fun making this package since I went through all the stuff I kept that reminded me of my close friend. I had loads of other stuff that I wanted to include in my ACP package, but I could not find a lot of my other boxes filled with memories. I still remember my friend and I in the freshmen year of high school and how nerve wrecking it was. We took a picture of ourselves on the first day of high school and the last day of high school. Another thing I remembered was our obsession with KPOP during the high school. We went to our first concerts together and even got the opportunity to go to the first ever KCON. I still kept the beautiful and cute birthday card she got me that came with a watch that looked absolutely amazing. The memories we had together were amazing and could never be forgotten. I can’t wait until she sees this package!!!



Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you are sharing a little part of your life with others. It is like a documentation of fun memories with family and friends. Sending someone an ACP is different to sending someone a Snapchat because sending a Snapchat isn’t something physical compared to an ACP. An ACP is a physical package filled with pictures and special objects that remind people of the great of certain things. I think of ephemera as something really precious to me. I have a habit of keeping a lot of little things that remind me of great memories such as keeping a movie ticket or plane ticket to somewhere. There is definitely a difference between art seen by a few and art seen by many. Art seen by many are made for everyone to show and not just one person. Art seen by few are more personal compared and is more towards an individual. The time it takes to send someone something is definitely something to consider. I feel like the longer it takes to send, the more personal it feels. An ACP is something that can be there forever while sending something through Snapchat lasts for only  few seconds. An ACP contains a more genuine “love” compared to Snapchat. ACP shows that the person who sent it cares and put in a lot of effort to make it while a Snapchat can be something that was done last minute without thinking too much about the other person.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photographs, String, Lighting

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Dalia – none

Daniel –

Instagram: Dalia – deliaeffect

Daniel – dbvqp

About the Artists: 

Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla are both in their senior year as undergraduates at CSULB. They are both students in the School of Art’s Studio Art Program and are working toward their BFA. They are both close friends with similar interests. They love photography and hope to get into the BFA photography program. Unfortunately, they have both received rejection letters after applying for the BFA program. However, that didn’t stop them from trying. Their exhibition embodies their emotions of facing rejection and failure.

Formal Analysis:

The medias that were used were photographs, string, and lighting. The lighting really brought out the mood that both Dalia and Daniel wanted in their exhibition. It gave off a very solemn and sad mood. They wanted their exhibition to feel like a memorial of some sort. Some photographs in the room were purposely placed as if they were going to fall off the wall as if to show the rejection and failure they faced.

20161019_131315.jpg 20161019_131323.jpg

Content Analysis:

In their exhibition, both Dalia and Daniel brought all their rejected artwork from professors and their applications to the BFA photography program. They wanted to interpret the gallery space from a glorified place filled with achievements to a place filled with broken dreams and no hope. They wanted the audience to understand and really feel their emotions through their exhibition. They wanted to show how frustrated the felt for facing rejection more than once. Their emotions brought out an interesting and unique exhibition. I also noticed that everything was tied together by a long string. It shows that everything will fall apart if someone happens to cut the string which symbolizes how much frustration they must have felt. They even incorporated two bodies as themselves into their exhibition.

20161019_125605 (1).jpg

Synthesis / My Experience: 

As I walked into this exhibition, the first thing I saw was strings. I would trace the strings to see where they lead to; only to find out everything is connected. After finding out that their exhibition was to express their frustration and sadness for being rejected from the BFA photography program, it made me think about some failures I have faced. It made me notice the small things projected in the exhibition such as the two bodies and the trashcan. Overall, I thought this exhibition had an interesting idea compared to other exhibitions. I really liked how the strings brought everything together which made the point of their exhibition really clear.

20161019_131259.jpg 20161019_125500.jpg

Wk 8 – Art Experience – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden



It was really relaxing to sketch at the Japanese Garden. Surprisingly, it was pretty quiet and calming while everyone was sketching. I was expecting some loud chattering since so many people were there. It was also my first time going to the Japanese Garden and it was really beautiful. I really liked the tree that has its long leaves hanging down as if it was hair. I am not sure if it’s called a willow tree or not, but it kind of looks like one. That tree caught my eye the most. It also kind of looks like an umbrella in a way. Although I could not draw really well, I still thought my drawing at least depicting what I was trying to draw. While making my sketches, it was really hard for me to avoid erasing since I’m kind of a perfectionist. I also noticed that my sketches look a lot nicer without erasing constantly. Overall, this activity was fun and relaxing. I would definitely want to do this again; maybe this time at a park.20161015_101231.jpg


Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Briana Garcia

20161012_134412 (1).jpg

The new classmate that I got to meet today is Briana Garcia. She happens to also be a second year and is a health science major. She plans to go to medical school to become a pediatrician because she loves to work with children. She also wants to work at a daycare in her free time just to work with kids. Not only is she academically amazing, she is also very athletic. She loves to play basketball in her free time and would always go to the park to play on the weekends. Working out her body and doing something she loves is a good stress reliever for her. Another hobby of her that she is passionate about is photography. She is also a major Disneyland lover and always renews her year pass every year. The thing I felt most common with her was when she mentioned that she loved watching the shows Criminal Minds and Bones on Netflix. These two are also my top favorites of all time. I don’t know how we got into the topic of favorite holidays, but as we talked, I found out her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She said she loves how she gets to eat a lot of good food.She also mentioned that she has two Thanksgiving parties for both sides of her relatives. She’s so lucky! I wish I could get two Thanksgiving parties! The more food, the better! It was really nice to get to meet Briana and get to sit down and talk with her.

Check out her amazing blog!!~

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Meli

Exhibition Information : 

Artist: Brianna Meli

Exhibition: Over_Realmed

Media: Video, Fiber

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Instagram: melt_brianna

About the Artist : 

Brianna Meli is a senior at CSULB and is currently an undergraduate. She has been at CSULB since 2012 doing illustrations, but took a break off college to start a business with a friend. She is a student in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts Program  and is working towards her BFA. She strongly believes that close relationships can only develop through face-to-face interactions with people. She also feels that people are too reliant on technology and need to learn how to be more independent and look for things themselves.

Formal Analysis : 

The medias that were used are video and fiber. I could see how Brianna carefully integrated in technology into her artwork. I could see the wires and chargers in her artwork as if showing how technology is part of her life. The videos also showed how easily she could access technology and how fast it is for her to get distracted from what she is doing.

20161005_135003.jpg 20161005_134958.jpg

Content Analysis : 

In her exhibition, she showed two videos; one on opposite ends of the room. One video showed her knitting something and another showed her on her phone. As the video progressed, I noticed that what she was knitting together was not yarn but wires, chargers, earbuds and many other electronic things. Brianna is trying to show us how much technology especially our cell phones have taken over every aspect of our lives. Brianna finds herself conflicted between her online self and her physical self. Through her exhibition, she wants to somehow find that balance in between without throwing away the other.



Synthesis / My Experience : 

As I read her statement and walked through her exhibition, I realized how much technology has influenced my life and my identity. The internet is practically my life since I am always on my phone or online doing something. It got me realizing that I am not doing anything productive in my life. Brianna’s exhibition showed me to be more awareness is important. By noticing and understanding, I can make some changes in my life. Instead of staying on my phone all the time, I could make some close and meaningful connections with other people. Overall, this exhibition didn’t have a lot to show, but it had a clear and defined message to go with it.


Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

20161002_174542.jpg 20161002_174256.jpg

It was so fun making this flip book! As I was making it, I had just watched a documentary on jellyfishes. The jellyfishes in the documentary were so bright and elegant. That’s why I decided to make my flip book about jellyfishes. It was hard to come up with a story, but I came up with a short and sort of cute one about a jellyfish who wants to be beautiful and bright like the other jellyfishes. The hardest and tedious part was actually drawing everything. I would say this flip book took me around two hours to do. Maybe it took so long because I went ahead and colored it too. The picture I posted with this summarizes the whole story; there are a bunch more pages that I didn’t include. I really liked how my flip book turned out. If I were to change anything, I would have probably added a few more scenes to make the overall story a little better. Hope to definitely try it again on day!

Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition Information :

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Paper, Sculpture

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist : 

Blaine Scot Prow is a senior at CSULB. He is a student of the School of Art’s Studio Art Program. Since he was young, he has always had an interest in geometry. This has prompted him to make his exhibition solely on this. He thinks that it is really fascinating to somehow transcend dimensions in making his art pieces. His art pieces start out as two-dimensional and transform into three-dimensional figures. Here is a picture of his calculations in order to achieve these intricate figures.

Screenshot_2016-09-29-14-55-45.png Screenshot_2016-09-29-14-56-02.png

Formal Analysis : 

The medias that were used were paper and sculpture. Blaine used white Bristol board to his geometric figures. In one of Blaine’s art pieces called C.O., I could see the exact cuts that he made on the paper and the folds he made to complete the figure. The black and white really compliment each other as it shows where the figure originally came from before it was folded into an intricate shape.


Content Analysis :  

The theme of Blaine’s exhibition is extrusions. This came from the process of cutting and folding paper shapes that he had to do over and over again. He had to experiment with different cuts and and folds at different angles to be able to get the precise geometric figure he wanted. He really wanted to show people the transition of two-dimensional figures to three-dimensional figures. Blaine’s fascinating discovery of this relationship gave him the unique idea to showcase his art pieces this certain way.

20160928_132310.jpg 20160928_132314.jpg

Synthesis / My Experience : 

As I saw this exhibition, I was amazed. It was an interesting and unique exhibition. I really like the sharp lines and shapes. The way he made his figures really show how and where the figures originally came from; thus showing the transition between two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. I really liked the art piece he made named Factory. I don’t know what exactly it is that I like about it, but I like how orderly and neat it looks. If Blaine ever had another exhibition similar to this one, I would definitely want to go. I am looking forward to him making even more complicated geometric figures that would blow people’s minds.



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